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The Maple Year

Author - Craig Coussins

To facilitate readers in other countries I have used seasons as well as UK months. Please remember that you must take into consideration the variables found within temperature in your own country.

Early Spring (February to March)
Although you can repot almost anytime this is the optimum period for the majority of Maples. Kashima and Kiyohime will have started to move at this time. Make sure they are protected. / Feed 0.10.10. (Zero Nitrogen) every 7 days to stop lush growth but only after the buds have opened.

Throughout Spring (March to May)
Start plucking out the bud centres

Early Summer (June)
After the first two feeds start feed High Nitrogen feed to build stamina on young trees. If you want good Autumn colour cut down your High Nitrogen food. If tree is healthy then consider full or partial defoliation. This can be followed with selective wiring. Remember that the tree will have to be looked after as the same as February to May or Spring. The problem in Summer defoliation is Sun Burn rather than winds.

Mid Summer (July)
Wire trees with Cage (not tight) or protected wire and do any major pruning at this time during summer dormancy. Reduce feeding until mid August or late mid summer.

Late Summer (August)
Start a weekly feed with low Nitrogen food. Last time for defoliation before fall.

Early Autumn / Fall (September)
Trim all leaves that grow out of the planned shape. Stop feeding if leaves start to change colour. It should be noted that good fall colour is achieved with little of no feed....but the question is whether or not you want to risk the tree's health for a short term benefit.

Autumn / Fall (October)
Complete your feeding with low or Zero Nitrogen Feed

Late Autumn / Early Winter (November)
Remove any dead leaves and make sure that the trees are protected against winter frosts and wind.

Winter (December to January)
This is the other time when you can perform major surgery on your Bonsai.

Author - Craig Coussins

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